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Example of websites developed from domain names in the last few months, some which have got DA 9+ with content
Dropshipping plants - Dropshipping plants quickly
Opposing CEOs - Negative tactics of CEOs

Request for proposal - Outsourcing engineering estimation
Request for proposal - Outsourcing engineering estimation
Low payout online job - Low payout online job
Domain development - Domain development
Bag prices - Bag prices
Website transfer - Moving a website
Home online business info - Home online business
Adsense Advertising alternatives - Adsense Advertising alternatives
Stationery listing - stationery listing
Fashion, garment, textile listing - fashion, garment, textile
Homework help and counselling - Homework help, career guidance and counselling
Online hosting finder - Webhosting reviews
Onions - Onion listing website
Blogposts.in - Blog posts, software, monetization
Afford - Affordable deals
Guide to Taxes - Guide to taxes
Computers for home use - Computers in India for home use
New websites
Accounting online simplified - accounting for online businesses, data storage
Personal finance news - searching for missing savings, retirement, old age
Home loan information - Home loan information
stock photography - Stock photograph, get paid for photos
Hair care, hair coloring - Hair care, hair coloring
Noise, hearing voices - Noise, hearing voices
Latest leads for marketing - latest leads for marketing
Flight discounts - Flight discount, offers
Hotel discount - Hotel discount news, information
Asian Flight News - Asian flight news, information
Free earning tips - Free earning websites and tips
Discrimination journal - casteism, discrimination, exploitation, lookism
Flower label - Flower seeds, supplies
Auto accident - automotive safety
Postal, courier services - postal,courier services, efficiency
health news - health news, human rights abuses
International gambling trends - international gambling news, tips
Cosmetics, style - of fraud R&AW/CBI employees
Eye care - Taking care of eyes

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