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This article has been written in August 2014, based on experiences of an online publisher. One of the great risks of developing a website with many pages of content in India is that the website owner is often threatened or forced to sell the website at a very low price, by well connected and powerful people. Since the webmaster and online publisher does not raise an invoice for the advertising revenues received, they are often unfairly accused of running an illegal business, put under surveillance for many years, and subjected to identity theft attempts, due to the lack of foresight and vision of those in charge of the indian internet industry.

On the other hand, if a webmaster and online publisher tired of being relently persecuted by ignorant, arrogant but extremely powerful men and women provide content to other websites, they face another set of problems which are discussed separately. These men and women are not accountable to anyone, threaten to freeze all the savings of the publisher without a valid reason, subject the publisher to identity theft . The problems differ depending on whether the content has been provided to indian or foreign companies.

Foreign content - Foreign content
Indian content - Content for Indian buyers
If leads are stolen and payments blocked for content provided in India, the online publisher will prefer to develop their own websites, there are at least a few ad foreign networks which are honest, and pay the publisher on time, recognizing the effort, money spent by the publisher. Many foreign companies are unlike many indian content buyers who shamelessly exploit any vulnerable person, or are threatened to do so by powerful officials and dishonest corporates. No one can afford to work for free indefinitely,they have to pay expenses.

The online publisher also realizes that the dishonest men and women involved in the theft of emails, leads and orders in India only want to get rich quick, they have powers because of nepotism and corruption, but are not stakeholders, and are not willing to invest any money on domain renewals, content, maintenance and web hosting. The returns on the money spent on websites are not guaranteed unlike content, where the rate and amount will be fixed before any work is assigned. In India few people want to take risks, everyone wants a secure job, where they will get a salary even if they do nothing.

So the powerful officials will steal the freelance work leads, orders, emails, since no expenses are involved, but they will not be able to buy more than one or two websites even at a low price, as these dishonest people prefer to invest all their money offline in real estate and other assets since the website may generate any money. Hence after some time, a webmaster and domain investor realizes that developing websites will get better returns than providing content locally.

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