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Content for indian buyers

An alternative for those who are tired of the persecution faced while supplying content to foreign companies, will be supplying content to indian content buyers. However, there are several disadvantages of supplying content to indian buyers:
1. rates are much lower - about 50% of the rates or less which foreign buyers offer
2. more effort required for the same content
3. no online platform like iwriter in India, all enquiries sent by mail, which are often stolen by greedy dishonest officials who are not accountable to anyone. the writer may send offers to many people, but will not get a single reply.
4. lack of honesty and integrity, a majority of indian content buyers do not pay on time as promised.
For the research conducted the following people defaulted
Asmita pandey
jasni salim
Suraksha shetty/hegde
Payment from Qwriting not received till date.
Follow up with these content buyers can be a major waste of time. We continue to research content buyers, their integrity levels and the website will be updated regularly. There are also cheater content providers like bangalore based nayanshree hathwar, who provide content that does not pass copyscape, but are rewarded by large internet companies in India with important permanent government jobs for their fraud and cheating of the content buyer of her hard earned money.

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