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For providing content to foreign companies, one of the great problems faced is the greed of lazy cunning dishonest but well connected women to take credit for work which they do not do. Experienced webmasters are put under surveillance, giving flimsy excuses of national security, when people just want to ogle at the webmaster to sexually harass her and exploit her to the maximum extent possible to get benefit for their mediocre lazy liar relatives and friends . Then one dishonest person, who has a very powerful backer usually an official, will falsely claim that all the content has been provided by her, when actually she does not do anything. These officials supporting and promoting their lazy mediocre greedy cunning friends and relatives are experts in defaming and spreading malicious false rumors about the person actually doing the work, By making these false claims, the young good looking greedy cheater women gets a permanent and very lucrative government job at the expense of the person who was actually providing the content. Once these fraud women are appointed to the government job, even if their fraud will be clearly exposed at a later date, the government will not remove these mediocre cheaters.Their powerful officials will be allowed to waste infinite indian tax payer money to cover up the fraud of their lazy liar cheater friends and relatives In reality the cunning well connected woman who falsely claims to have written the content and has got a lucrative government job cannot even write in proper English. Unfortunately due to the high level of corruption and nepotism in the indian internet sector, the mediocre cheater nayanshree hathwar will enjoy an important government job for the rest of her life, while the competent hardworking IIT single woman engineer she has cheated will not even get justice,..

Another disadvantage of providing content to foreign companies will be the risk of identity theft. All revenues from foreign companies are monitored very closely in India, for national security purposes, and if the person receiving payments from foreign companies is not fashionable or good looking enough, powerful men will subject her to a defamation campaign, human rights abuses, identity theft, to force her to form a company with their young lazy cheater friends.

If the writer provides enough content, they will use sophisticated software to analyse all the content, and then replicate the writing style and knowledge of the writer, so that identity theft does not get detected. The content exporter will also be attacked by extremely sophisticated weapons causing memory loss, headaches and other health problems in a cheap attempt at identity theft which cannot be justified in any way.

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